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We believe that everyone has the heart to give something to humankind. Through Funding Foundations, we hope to bridge the giving gap.

Opportunities abound but it takes one simple action to spur a series of actions. In this case, we connect givers to recipients.

We are here to serve in whatever small way we can. Our job ishelp get the word out that there are funders for foundations.

funding foundations

Did you know that 90% of funding foundations and grant providers do not have a website? 

The Funding Foundations website was primarily created to make it easier for funders and various charitable institutions and social enterprises to connect with each other.

Probably the most exhaustive and up-to-date information and insights on the social and social enterprise sector to fuel any fundraising mission.

Expanded, in-depth profiles of each grantmaker and some of their preferences.  There are some with inside looks at the grants they have actually given to keep your organization running at its best.

Through a simple listing of institutions that fund for the better good, we believe to have met our initial goals.

Rest assured we will do our best to curate the funders’ list for those who need most the support.

We champion giving.